Acne Absorbing Cover Pimple Patch

Acne Spot Treatment – Hydrocolloid Blemish Sticker Master Patch – 108 Patches

WITNESS THE MAGIC! You can visibly see the acne patch working as it absorbs and shrinks your pimples naturally! Drug free formulation without harsh chemicals. Cruelty free and vegan friendly.

EASY TO USE: Cleanse & dry the affected area. Then peel and apply the patch on clean skin without any toners, lotion, or moisturizer. For best results, use overnight.
All Natural Ingredients with Hydrocolloid Gentle and suitable for all skin types.

PACKAGING: Easy peel design with resealable packaging.

PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Our patch easily blends with all skin tones.

Happy, pretty smiling with the patch

It protects your pimple from rubbing and touching (subconsciously or not), which can lead to infection and scarring. It helps keep moisture in as well as significantly reduces oiliness, redness and pigment changes as well.

All of this leads to faster healing.